Life Without Water

Life Without Water



New York Times Editor’s Choice

Life Without WaterIn 1969 a child named Cedar is born in a ramshackle farmhouse in Chatham County, North Carolina. Outside her father Sol dances around a fire and blows pot smoke into the faces of his eager guests gathered to celebrate the birth of his first child.

Looking back on her life, Cedar tells the story of her parents’ relationship, it’s demise, and hitting the road with her mother Sara in a beat up VW van.

At the root of every decision Sara makes is the loss of her beloved brother in Vietnam the year before Cedar was born.

Returning to the farmhouse in Chatham County with a new lover in tow, Sara and Cedar embark on life in a commune. But lust and jealousy prevail, as they so often did during those idyllic times.

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“Compelling…Takes on – and succeeds at – the daunting task of re-creating an era that’s extremely tricky to get right.” The New York Times Book Review

“Nancy Peacock performs quiet wonders…leaving us with a sense of lost beauty, of something crushed along with the ideals of that era.” The Washington Post Book World

“Both wise and forgiving…A complex blend of undiluted nostalgia…and a clear-eyed view of the complexities of that edenic world.” Kirkus Reviews