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What I remember: Mother’s Day in Alabama. I am three. A blue dress in a box with tissue. The dress has bosoms, like my mother. My father picked it out for her, but it’s from all of us: the two … Continue reading

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to mother

  Dear Nancy: I’ve been on the road again, been teaching and driving, been talking and reading, and finally coming home and settling in to the quiet.  This morning, during my sixty-thirty walk I thought about this letter to you … Continue reading

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Dear Karen, Your letter about layers has made me think of the layers of my own history, manifest in certain pains that I am grappling with now. These layers, layers I thought long ago put to rest with therapy and … Continue reading

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Guest – Heloise Jones

Dear Nancy and Karen – It’s raining in Santa Fe this morning. A gentle falling, welcomed in the desert. Different than the thunderstorms that turn dry arroyos into swift rivers littered with balls and trash cans and natural debris, or … Continue reading

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The Inner Life of Story

Dear Karen – Your letter gave me much to chew on (no puppy-pun intended). How do we take care of the puppies and children and families we have, while also taking care of writing? In my work as a teacher … Continue reading

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