Gratitude for Karen McElmurray

Dear Karen,

Here is what I have to thank you for: Embarking on this journey with me, a journey of over two years in which we have been writing letters back and forth on the writing life, and more. Bringing your voice here. Sharing your stories. Your ruminations. Your thoughts. Your life.

One can never ask for more than a friend sharing her life.

I believe we’ve touched some deep places with these letters, and within ourselves. I am not sorry for the journey, or to be washed ashore at this point to inhabit our own islands for awhile, as you put it so beautifully. I too am ready for my own silence, for the rain pattering on leaves, for the quiet waves along the beach.

My hope in our journey together with this blog is that we did not add to the noise of the world, but to its understanding.

May God Bless You.

Love, Nancy




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3 Responses to Gratitude for Karen McElmurray

  1. Dear Nancy and Karen,

    I have so enjoyed sitting in the back row of your exchange of letters. I have been inspired, comforted, and educated. You have led me to begin three (very) private blogs with people who live far away, and I have found in them much satisfaction and connection, in what is otherwise very much an island existence as caregiver to my elderly mother.

    I wish you well on your respective islands. Thank you for sharing the journey.

    Gretchen (

  2. Karen says:

    Gretchen: thank you for this note. I could read nothing better than that the letters provided both inspiration and comfort–not to mean new connection for you to other writers. Karen

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